Legendary Bassist of Public Image Limited, Jah Wobble

"Jah Wobble is entertaining, funny, intelligent, a fine storyteller and historian and a good soul. " DJ Nocturna

Legendary bass guitarist, punk rebel, genuine geezer, singer, author and music journalist, Jah Wobble is one of the founding members of Public Image Limited (PIL), along with John Lydon, formerly of the Sex Pistols. After PIL, he embarked on a number of successful solo projects and collaborations, including the Invaders of the Heart and the Human Condition.
His autobiography, entitled Memoirs of a Geezer: Music, Life, Mayhem was released in September 2009 which was well received by critics.

Playlist For Saturday, August 13, 2022

  • Jah Wobble and the Ukrainians- Ukrainian National Anthem in Dub, with Jon Klein
  • Jah Wobble and Brian Eno- Like Organza
  • Public Image Limited- Albatross
  • Interview with  Jah Wobble
  • Jah Wobble, Invaders of the Heart with Sinead O’Connor- Visions of You
  • Jah Wobble- Om Namah Shiva
  • Jah Wobble- Il Jevedro Il Oblacno
  • Jah Wobble- Viking Funeral
  • Jah Wobble- Asa
  • Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci- When The Light Of Morning Comes
  • Lia Hide- Dinner
  • Voidant- Vortex
  • Decommissioned Forests- Spectral, Kleptomania
  • Ammo- A Cold War City