Interview with Brazilian Psychedelic Rock Band BIKE

Their latest album produced by Guilherme Held is called "Arte Bruta " (Quadrado Magico Records/Before Sunrise Records.)

São Paulo, Brazil’s BIKE was formed in 2015 by Julito Cavalcante (guitar and vocals), Diego Xavier (guitar andvoice), Daniel Fumega (drums) and João Gouvea (bass). Bike is also the only Brazilian band that has released music (Enigma Do Dente Falco) in 2014 through Columbia Records imprint, 30th Century Records, founded by cult American Producer Danger Mouse. 

This latest album represents the process of self-analysis the psych-rock, post-Tropicalia, noise rock collective has undergone in recent years, resulting in the most daring leap in the group’s career.

Playlist For Saturday, July 1, 2023

  • BIKE- O Encontro De Ceu Com a Terra
  • BIKE- Clara- Luz
  • Interview with  BIKE (Joao Gouvea and Daniel Fumega
  • BIKE- Filha Do Vento
  • BIKE- Cedro
  • BIKE- Alem Ceu
  • BIKE- Traco e Risco
  • BIKE- Ita
  • BIKE- Torto Santo
  • 40 Octaves Below- What If (Passion For Hypnosis Remix)
  • The Venus Fly Trap- Gemini Lounge
  • Steve Lake of Zounds and Mia Dean- Some Things Are Worth Believing
  • Jules Maxwell and Polly Scattergood- A Rose On The Road (Glowlines Remix)
  • After The Flesh- Perpetual Midnight
  • The Veldt with Robin Guthrie- The Everlasting Gobstopper
  • The Flowers Of Hell- Atmosphere (The Joy Division)
  • Slighter- Pulling Me Under, Featuring Craig Joseph Huxtable
  • Delerium with Emily Haines – Glimmer (Delerium Remix)
  • Noir- Fallen  (Paradox Obscur Remix)
  • Girls Under Glass- We Feel Alright 
  • Attrition- The Alibi (Vaselyne Remix)
  • Suburban Spell- Natural Science