German Indie Alternative Rock Duo Para Lia

Their latest album "In Clash With The Zeitgeist" was mastered by Thommy Hein via the Berlin label About Us Records.

Playlist For Saturday, July 8, 2023

 Para Lia is multi-instrumentalist René Methner and vocalist  Cindy Methner. For their love of Greece, their band name is Para Lia, meaning “coast” or “beach” in Greek (παραλία) -a name full of mystery but optimism, which both has history and evokes a balance of the masculine and feminine.

  • Para Lia- Soap Bubble Dreams
  • Para Lia- My Muse

     Interview with  Para Lia (René Methner and Cindy Methner)

  • Para Lia- Yellow Rose
  • Para Lia- Sunchild
  • Para Lia- Fools, Featuring Terry Wigmore
  • Para Lia- Leaves Of Grey
  • Para Lia- On My Way Home
  • Para Lia- No Time For Butterflies
  • Pieter Nooten, Marselle Hodges and Brian Hodges – Let The Happiness In
  • Bedless Bones- No Ceremony
  • Fred Among- My Way
  • DELREI- Into The Wasteland
  • NOIR- Love My Way (Psychedelic Furs)
  • NOIR- Fallen (Femme Mix)
  • The Antoine Poncelet Band- Strange Violence
  • EBE404- Bouncing  
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Obsidian Waltz
  • The Flowers Of Hell- Walk On The Wildside (Lou Reed)
  • Mal di Luna- Moth
  • Roger O’ Donnell (The Cure)- One Last Word