Voidant, Caroline Blind and David “Wolfie”Wolfenden

Voidant's self-titled debut album was mixed and co-produced by Wolfie and Simon Ding Archer of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and mastered by David Whitaker of the Danse Society

Voidant comprises of instrumentalist and guitarist David “Wolfie” Wolfenden and vocalist and songwriter Caroline Blind. Wolfie is best known as the long time guitarist for the highly influential UK post-punk band, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Caroline Blind is the front woman of gothic rock band Sunshine Band. More recently both have contributed to the latest album by the Wake called Perfumes and Fripperies.





Playlist for Saturday, October 9, 2021

  • Voidant- Ghosted
  • Voidant- Seven and Seven is (Arthur Lee, Love)
  • Interview with Voidant-Caroline Blind and David “Wolfie” Wolfenden
  • Voidant- Vortex
  • Sunshine Blind- Crescent and the Star (Extended Mix)
  • Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- Talk About the Weather
  • Voidant- Heart-Feather
  • The Wake, Featuring Caroline Blind- Rusted (HZ Healer Mix )
  • Beauty in Chaos, Featuring Whitney Tai- Orion
  • Whitney Tai- Starfish
  • Rohn-Lederman- Are We Supposed To Be Here?
  • TRAITRS- Mouth Poisons
  • Paris Alexander Featuring Eirene- Desire
  • Deine Lakaien- Dust in the Wind (Kansas)
  • Pink Turns Blue- Not Even Trying 
  • Clan of Xymox- The Great Reset
  • Josie Pace, Featuring Sammi Doll- Pure Morning
  • Bikini Death Race- Refrigerator
  • Eva X- Machine
  • Alia Synesthesia- Eternal Merch Girl
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- The Curse of Millhaven