Vlad In Tears Releases cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up that Hill

Italian gothic metal band based in Berlin, Germany, Vlad in Tears released their latest 8th studio album called "Porpora" on Metalville Records

The band consist of three brothers who decided to move from Italy to Germany in 2013, Kris (Lead vocalist and keyboards)  Dario (Bass) and Lex (Guitar). Their bandmate Alex joined them on drums. “Porpora,” is a record described by Kris as their most important works so far. Written in a time of uncertainty, he explains “all the topics treated in this album are related to loneliness, sorrow, dark heavy thoughts about death, self-harm, and suicide.” They also released a cover of Kate Bush’s 1985 classic “Running Up That Hill”


Playlist For Saturday, November 5, 2022

  • Vlad In Tears- Born Again
  • Vlad in Tears- Down
  • Interview with  Christian from Vlad In Tears
  • Vlad In Tears- Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)
  • Vlad In Tears- Fragile and Weak
  • Vlad In Tears- Blood
  • Vlad In Tears- No Candles For The Ride
  • Vlad In Tears- Right Now
  • Vlad In Tears- Wasted Lives
  • Vlad In Tears- Let Me Be The One
  • Beauty In Chaos- Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) (Concrete Blonde)
  • Ariel Maniki and The Black Halos- Siamese Twins (The Cure)
  • Vietnam- Truth Vs. Love
  • Sounds Like Winter- Hide In Sleep
  • Luscious Apparatus- Bricks and Bones
  • Frenchy And The Punk- If The World Doesn’t End Fast
  • Lisa Hammer- Samsara 
  • Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci- Stay With Me
  • Faith Marie- NVM (Remix)
  • Julian Shah- Tayler- End Of The Line
  • Ronan Conroy- The Nightland
  • Chris Connelly- Eulogy To Lenny Bruce (Nico)
  • The Smiths- Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want