The Rain Within and Belle Morte, Andy Deane

Forward in Reverse is the first single off The Rain Within's new album called "Horrorshow."

Founded in the 1990s, Bella Morte played an essential role in the revival of Gothic Rock in the US, releasing over 9 full-length albums and EPs. Andy Deane’s passion and love for all things horror has inspired him to write and publish 4 horror novels/novellas: “The Sticks,” “The Third House,” “All The Darkness in the World” and “No Turning Back. “

Playlist for Saturday, August 28, 2021

  • The Rain Within- Fear, Lies and Love
  • The Rain Within-Murder (Remix by Mr. Kitty)
  • The Rain Within- Beating Hearts
  • Interview with ¬†Andy Deane of The Rain Within
  • The Rain Within- Forward in Reverse
  • The Rain Within- Violet Glow
  • Bella Morte- The Rain Within Her Hands
  • The Rain Within- Like the Devil
  • Stoneburner- Spectrum (The Rain Within Remix)
  • Ego Likeness- Aviary (Stoneburner Remix)
  • Rohn-Lederman- Watch Out ! (Leather Strip Remix)
  • Glass Spells-Thrills
  • Black Plastic-Bite (Featuring Andre Obin)
  • Clan of Xymox- In Control
  • Pink Turns Blue- You Still Mean Too Much To Me
  • Wolfhounds- Can’t See the Light
  • Traitrs- Oh, Ballerina
  • The Wake- Rusted (Hz Healer Mix Featuring Caroline Blind)
  • Attrition- The Alibi
  • The Blue Hour- Embrace Not the Hand (John Fryer Mix)
  • Cheb I Sabbah, Peter Murphy, Featuring Azam Ali- Keep Coming Back
  • Nick Cave- Euthansia (Live in Alexandra Palace, 2020)