Interview with Melbourne -Based Suburban Spell, Peter Endall

Suburban Spell's EP is called "Falling Down."

Suburban Spell is the solo project of Peter Lawrence Endall whose music combines the austere beauty of Kraftwerk, 80s melodic sensibilities, driving rhythms and some noisy grind thrown in for good measure. Influenced by the heyday of new wave and 70s-80s electronica, the music carries the beautiful imprints of such artists as Ultravox, OMD, Visage, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Cars, Gary Numan and New Order. His previous band Schizo Scherzo was active in the Melbourne, Australia’s 80s music scene, playing alongside such acts as The Eurythmics, Pseudo Echo, Real Life and Feargal Sharkey.

Playlist For Saturday, June 24, 2023

  • Suburban Spell- Bright Gold Cross
  • Suburban Spell- Falling Down
  • Interview with Suburban Spell
  • Suburban Spell- Natural Science
  • Suburban Spell- Causes of Pain
  • Schizo Scherzo, Featuring Peter Endall- Back To Back (1985)
  • Suburban Spell- Salvation Army
  • Suburban Spell- Side Car
  • Suburban Spell- Fools and Clowns
  • Suburban Spell- Feel No More (Robots In Love Remix)
  • Suburban Spell- The Lonely Man (William Faith Remix)
  • Black Angel- Take Me Down (Suburban Spell Remix)
  • The Palace Of Tears- Venus In Furs (Velvet Underground)
  • Jules Maxwell, Featuring Polly Scattergood- A Rose On The Road
  • Guitarmy Of One- Top Secret Agent Man On A Wire Tapped Phone At Sea
  • The 3 Clubmen- Aviatrix
  • Jody and The Jerms- Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes
  • BIKE- Que Vai Da Terra Ao Ceu
  • Slighter- Have No Fear
  • SINthetic Messiah- Shadows Of Woodlawn 
  • Skeletal Family- Brewing Up A Storm