MASUIMI MAX Performing in Hawaii March 10, 2018

DJ Nocturna presents MASUIMI MAX, Live in Honolulu, Hawaii

Masuimi Max

We are proud to present the return of neo-burlesque international performer, top fetish model and actress, Masuimi Max to Honolulu. The multi-talented artist who is also a fire-breather and contortionist will also be celebrating her birthday in Hawaii and at the night of the event.

Masuimi has modeled for hundreds of companies around the world–including such well-known brands as Harley-Davidson, Coffin Case, Pinup Girl Clothing, Murray & Vern latex , Bibian Blue, just to name a few. She is also the owner of I Am Sin cosmetics and the spokesmodel for Pinup Girl Clothing. The event will be featuring a special fashion show by the Pinup Girl Clothing line.

When Masuimi is not modeling, she’s an entrepreneur and operates an exclusive pay site for her fans, which offers a free guest area and a paid members-only area. There are over 60,000 images and videos, along with live video demos in which she connects with her fans by doing various tutorials that range from cooking to putting makeup on.

Please join us for this very special event on March 10 and celebrate Masuimi Max’ special birthday bash in Hawaii !


DJ Nocturna presents MASUIMI MAX performing live


Saturday, March 10, 2018 at NEXT DOOR 43 N. Hotel St. Hawaii

Doors: 8:30 pm  / Showtime: 9:00 pm | 21+ | $25 Door | $20 in advance.  

Please show a copy of your receipt at the door if you buy advance tickets




Here’s the interview with Masuimi Max and DJ Nocturna on A Feast of Friends on KTUH 90.1 FM

Also See Interview with Pin Up Girl Ceo and Founder, Laura Byrnes



Pinup Girl Clothing founded by CEO and Head Designer Laura Byrnes in 1997 started with a rack of hand-sewn clothes in her living room. In 1999, was launched and within a few short years became the web’s ultimate destination for original retro and vintage inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories at a great price. Laura Byrnes’ design mission is to create Couture for every body type – the highest quality apparel that fits better than anything you’ve ever experienced, designed to make you look and feel amazing. No matter your body type, you deserve gorgeous, quality clothes made ethically at affordable prices. This is not fast fashion – this is good fashion. Pinup Girl Clothing has collaborated with artists such as Mary Blair, Evan Dorkin, Stephanie Buscema, Terry Runyan, and others on fabric designs, and with actors and creatives such as Traci Lords and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark on capsule collections.

The event will also be featuring performances by Anjanette Thomas, Madame X and La Femme Rikita,  DJ sets by DJ Nocturna, GSpot and Night Fox, and a Fashion Show featuring PIN UP GIRL CLOTHING and the beautiful models :  Xylena, Natalie, Gina,  Rose, Jenn, Indica, Mabsy, Caramel, Michelle and Victoria Li.  

Thank you to the following Sponsors: I Am Sin cosmetics, Rock Star Tattoo, Chaos Inc, Sensually Yours, Nephilim Halls, also performers, models, DJs, Next Door and staff. Special THANK YOU to TRACY LASHES, Masuimi Max, Pinup Girl Clothing Laura Byrnes and Morat.


**************** ABOUT MASUIMU MAX *********** |


MASUIMI MAX is a neo-burlesque performer and alternative model. She’s also a prop and costume designer, and does her own makeup and hair for a lot of her shoots.

Her love for cosplay, fetish, and pinup modeling has landed her the cover of over 100 publications, ranging from the mainstream (Maxim) to the alternative underground (Bizarre 8 times!) – and the honor of being spokeswoman for Pinup Girl Clothing.


She has appeared in a number of films, including Unlucky Charms (2013), Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong (2013), Here Lies Lonely (1999) and The Devil’s Muse (2007), and was also in the mega-hit xXx: State of the Union (2005). She also makes personal appearances at car shows. She has been a contestant in the reality television game show Fear Factor (2001) where she ate a potato bug. She also has a brief cameo at the end of the David Lynch film Inland Empire (2006) as a girl with the blonde wig who has a monkey. In 2011, she made a cameo appearance in the SuperHeavy video for “Miracle Worker.” (music video with Super Heavy + Mick Jagger). If you’re a David Lynch fan, check out ‘Inland Empire’ for Masuimi’s mysterious blonde cameo.. with a feisty little monkey!

A full list of credits and routines can be found at and


“Dita Von Teese and Masuimi Max.. They’ve been modeling and performing full time since the 1990’s. Their influence on current models is unquestioned and they’ve basically joined the ranks of Miss Page.” – Danny Stygion (Sinical Magazine)

“Masuimi is one of the top fetish models of all times, and I will always clear my calendar to shoot with her. The photos we do are the most fun and the most rewarding, and I’m looking forward to the crazy things we may be doing in the future.” – Peter Czernich (Marquis Magazine)

“Her success in the industry paved the way for so many models that followed, but the story of her success is a classic tale of how hard work, talent and determination can overcome all challenges. Masuimi’s list of credits is so vast, with over 100 magazine covers and many more features, music videos, TV shows and movies, that it’s almost impossible to select a few highlights. She just launched her own makeup line, I Am Sin, and her website, Bad Max, has over 50,000 images!” – Ashton Charles (Model Mayhem)

“She has inspired a legion of alternative models to lace up a corset, pull on some stockings and slide into a pair of stilettos. Masuimi is a true ‘master of disguise’ and often makes her own costumes and backgrounds, and is an accomplished fire performer and burlesque dancer. She is a true original in a sea full of copycats, and one of the few models that has made a career out of doing what she loves” (Sinical Magazine)


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