Interview with Trent Jeffries of Plasmata

"Chicago Glampires" PLASMATA founded by frontman, TRENT JEFFRIES, teams up with Sisters of Mercy's Ben Christo and Aly Jados (Blood People)

Jeffries recalls when he suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm  in 2012 that debilitated him. Now a near decade on, the band’s 2021 Portraits of Pain EP, produced by William Faith, deals with that process, while showcasing a dramatic and electrifying fusion of hard-hitting, dark alternative rock and metal, gothic rock, classic Chicago industrial rock, Hollywood glam and L.A. deathrock – all of it wrapped up in Plasmata’s distinctive theatrical “Glampire” aesthetic.

Playlist For Saturday, April 15, 2023

  • Plasmata- Luscious (Skum Mix)
  • Plasmata- LifeBlood (2020)
  • Interview with  Trent Jeffries
  • Plasmata- You call him the Devil (with Ben Christo and Aly Jados
  • Plasmata- Ten Bells with Aly Jados
  • Plasmata- Leviathan (William Faith Leviathaneurysm Remix)
  • Plasmata- The Vanishing
  • Plasmata- The Wait (Killing Joke)
  • Plasmata- Homage To The Black
  • The Bellwether Syndicate- Golden Age 
  • Blood Moon – Blood Moon Wedding, Part 1
  • CARVR- Bloom
  • Ruth Blake- Not Your Angel
  • Antipole with Paris Alexander- Perceptions
  • Beborn Beton- Burning Gasoline
  • Delerium- Sun Storm
  • The Noise Who Runs- Little Black Cloud
  • Ego Likeness- Live to Tell (Madonna)
  • Liset Alea with Nouvelle Vague – Athol Brose
  • Distance H- Reason to Rush, Featuring Liset Alea
  • The Flowers of Hell- Foray Through Keshakhtaran