MISS VAMP HAWAII presents the 4th Annual Goth Prom, THE PROM YOU NEVER HAD – April 11, 2015

Goth Prom Nextdoor April 11,2015

Event: 4th Annual GOTH PROM
Date: Saturday, April 11, 2015
Time: 9pm-2am
Place: Next Door (43 N. Hotel Street)


Cover: $5 if before 10:00 pm / 10 after 10:00 pm
Must be 18 & over to attend
with Mistess of Ceremony, Lana Saldania. DJ sets by DJ Shadowfaxxx, DJ Nocturna and DJ Du Nord….


You are cordially invited to attend an evening of promenade at NEXT DOOR
(43 North Hotel Street), adorned in black and crimson colors, dark corsages and boutonnières.
4 couples have been nominated to run for the title of Bat King and Bat Queen. Only one couple will take the title as Bat King and Bat Queen. The winning couple will be crowned and awarded prizes (TBA).

The selection of Bat King and Bat Queen will be selected by votes, secret ballots, from the guests who come to the Goth Prom. You must be present at the event, living and breathing to vote.

Criteria and selections should be based on the darkest, most appealing couple in appearance, attire and aura. Oracles and the dead will not be allowed to vote during the event. The 4 Couples running for Bat King and Bat Queen are:

Andrew and Amber
David and Erica
Lorenzo and Wendi
Nathan and Hannee

Please come in your favorite prom attire/or costume. Like the traditional high school prom, the Goth Bat King and Queen will take the first dance.
Come one, come two or come with a clan ! Break the tradition ! You need not come with a date unless you choose too or you may come with the same gender. Come dressed as a Romantic Goth, Deathrocker, Rivet-head, Cybergoth, Ethergoth, Steam Punk, Punk, Candygoth, Goth-a- billy or the Vampyre goth, etc..as Voltaire mentioned in his book, What is Goth.

Come and dance away from the traditional prom and dance to the music you love, away from the mainstream,… THE PROM YOU NEVER HAD !
We will be looking for the Best Couple (from the audience) so come dress to impress.

Hope to see you there ! Thank you for your continued support !


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