Singer, Songwriter and Photographer, Attasalina

She formed "The Seraphim Rising" in 2008. More recently, she collaborated with record producer John Fryer and released another single for Black Needle Noise on COP International called “Machine” in 2021

Attasalina is currently working on a solo album and photography book called “Freed From Rage and Sorrow” which you can subscribed to on Patreon.


Saturday, November 6, 2021

  • The Seraphim Rising- Life in Suspension
  • Attasalina- The Legend of Seraphim Rising
  • Interview with  Attasalina 
  • Daniel Ash and Attasalina- The Soldiers of Everyday
  • Black Needle Noise, Featuring Attasalina- Messages By Dreams
  • Black Needle Noise, Featuring Attasalina- Machine
  • Attasalina- Heart of the Beast
  • Trance to the Moon- Icicles and Fumaroles 
  • Robin Guthrie- In Love And At War
  • Telefis- Mister Imperator (Maurice Charles Remix) 
  • TRAITRS- Ghost And The Storm
  • Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher- Horror Film House
  • Inca Babies- Crawling Garage Gasoline
  • Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds- John Finn’s Wife
  • Redwing Blackbird- The Silver Vessel
  • The Wake- Emily Closer ( Kill Shelter Remix)
  • Nick Hudson- The Florist
  • I ya Toyah- Pray (Stabbing Westward Remix)
  • Stabbing Westward- I Am Nothing (Replicant 2121 Remix by Chris Hall)