Rohn and Lederman . Venus Chariot

Emileigh Rohn and Jean-Marc Lederman released Venus Chariot on Cop International.

Emileigh Rohn is a recording artist and producer from Detroit also known for her electronic music project, Chiasm.  Belgian Composer and producer Jean-Marc Lederman is known for his many projects and collaboration, including The Weathermen.


Playlist for Saturday, September 25, 2021

  • Rohn-Lederman- When You’re in Love, the Music doesn’t sound The Same
  • Rohn-Lederman- Up In Flames
  • Interview with  Rohn-Lederman
  • Rohn-Lederman- All The Little Things Left For The Dead Go Unsaid (A.K.A. The River)
  • Rohn-Lederman- Open Up the Floodgates
  • Rohn-Lederman- Destruction and More
  • Rohn-Lederman- The Words Already Heard
  • Beauty In Chaos- Orion, Featuring Whitney Tai
  • Pink Turns Blue- Brave New World
  • TRAITRS- Mouth Poisons
  • Voidant- Summer 78
  • Chris Connelly and Monica Queen- A Maze Amongst The Tenements
  • Nick Hudson- The Florist
  • October Noir- Wanderlust
  • Corlyx- The Echo
  • Deine Lakaien- The Walk (The Cure)
  • Paris Alexander, Featuring Eirene- Sound of  Vision
  • Nick Cave- Girl in Amber
  • Ah Cama-Sotz- Prepare For the Final Awakening (OKK-ULTh vs ACS)