Queen of Wands with DJ Nocturna, Playlist, December 5, 2020

Next week my guests are Brazilian actress, artist and singer, Cinthya Hussey and nationally award-winning author and founder of Happiness U, Alice Inoue


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Playlist, Saturday, December 5, 2020

  • 51 Peg- Cut the Wire
  • Ah Cama-Sotz- Painkiller (Judgement -n- Destroy)
  • PIG- Rock n Roll Refugee (Radio Edit)
  • PIG- Seed of Evil (Pig Mix)
  • Assemblage 23- Bloom
  • Technophobia- Rattle In Your Chest
  • Rotersand- Whatever
  • Ludovico Technique- Live As Myself
  • :wumpscut: – Cunnilingus Kreuzfeuer
  • Unternull- Broken Heart Cliche (Kant Kino Mix)
  • Sonsombre- Fire
  • 32 Crash- Lone Ranger (Punk Soundcheck Remix)
  • Siderarctica- Circle of the Angels (Sidermix 1)
  • Kirlian Camera- A Woman’s Dream
  • Beauty in Chaos, featuring Cinthya Hussey- The Delicate Balance of All Things (Rapid Reiteration Edit ) 
  • ReMission International- TOS2020 (Beholden to the Front Line Workers of the World Mix)
  • Black Needle Noise, featuring Anjela Piccard – She Talks to Angels ( Black Crowes)
  • Ariel – Vanilla 
  • Julian Shah-Tayler, featuring David J and MGT- Devil Knows (Ruby Rock Version) 
  • Darwin Meiners, featuring David J- Unkind Lover
  • David J, featuring Emily Jane White- I Hear Only Silence Now
  • Jonny Polonsky- Completely Surrounded by Love (Acoustic)
  • Azam Ali- O Euchari (Azam Ali Remix) (Hildegard of Bingen)