Queen of Wands on Modsnap Radio, Playlist, October 24, 2020


The Queen of Wands with DJ Nocturna is every Saturday, 2pm to 4pm on Hawaii Standard Time.  My guests on Saturday, October 31, 2020 is Kirlian Camera  (Elena Alice Fossi and Angelo Bergamini ) 

Playlist for Saturday, October 24, 2020

  • Andi Sex Gang- Sister Morphine (Marianne Faithfull)
  • Fahrenheit 451- Strangers on a train
  • Pop Tone- Slice of Life (Bauhaus)
  • Ministry- Revenge (Live)
  • The Hungry Ghost- Heaven is a Dark Place
  • Unwoman -Ceremony (Joy Division)
  • Abney Park- The Story That Never Starts
  • Sieben- We’re all fucked, Kev
  • This Ascension- Isabella
  • Julian Shah Tayler- Evolution (MGT Version)
  • Ashton Nyte- Dark Star
  • Beauty in Chaos-Temple of Desire ft. Rafe Pearlman
  • Peter Colclasure- The Underdown
  • Kirlian Camera- Metaluna (John Fryer mix)
  • Kirlian Camera- The Immaterial Children
  • Kirlian Camera- Eclipse
  • Ah Cama-Sotz- Rapture of the Skin
  • Attrition- Narcissist (mixed by Angst Pop featuring Technomancer)
  • Nick Cave- Stagger Lee
  • Grinderman- When My Baby Comes (Six Toes Remix)
  • Azam Ali- Ben Pode Santa Maria
  • Niyaz- Eyvallah Shahim
  • Black Needle Noise- I am God (Marselle Hodges)
  • Executive Order- All Bleed Red