Queen of Wands for Episode May 29, 2021

with DJ Nocturna

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Playlist for May 29, 2021

  • Glass Spells- Thrills
  • Pulsations-Bedwarfing Virtues (Antipole Remix)
  • Twin Tribes- Fantasmas (Ash Code Remix)
  • Antipole- A Kiss in the Rain
  • Antipole & Kill Shelter- Raise the Skies (VIP Edit)
  • Paris Alexander, Featuring Eirene- Devour
  • Geometric Vision- Jelly Dream
  • Sonsombre- Fear
  • Boy Harsher- Pain
  • Clan of Xymox- Emily
  • Sisters of Mercy- When You don’t See Me
  • The Mission- Stay With Me- BBC Live
  • Beauty in Chaos- The Long Goodbye, Featuring Wayne Hussey
  • Jean-Marc Lederman- Vincent’s Apartment¬†
  • Chiasm- Are you Okay? (Jean-Marc Lederman Remix)
  • Kirlian Camera- The 8th President
  • Frontline Assembly, featuring Jean-Luc de Meyer- Barbarians
  • Assemblage 23- Welcome, Apocalypse
  • Charlie Nieland- The Land of Accidents
  • Evi Vine- I Am The Wave
  • Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell- Do So Yol (Gather the Wind)
  • Saintfield- Di Ki Avaaz
  • Pieter Nooten & Marselle Hodges- Scattered by the Breeze (Brian Hodges Remix)
  • Niyaz- Parishaan
  • Julian Shah-Tayler- Loving the Alien (David Bowie)