Queen of Wands for Episode June 19, 2021

With DJ Nocturna

Belgian Musician and Composer Jean- Marc Lederman will be my guest next Saturday, June 26, 2021.  Stay Tuned !  

This Episode of June 19 will replay on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 5pm (Hawaii Standard Time)  www.modsnapradio.com

Playlist for Saturday, June 19, 2021

  • Jean-Marc Lederman Experience, featuring Elena Alice Fossi- Upset Karma
  • Jean- Marc Lederman Experience, featuring Elena Alice Fossi- Letter From Elena Alice Fossi
  • Paul Weller- Wishing On A Star (Rose Royce) 
  • Nick Drake-River Man
  • Brian Eno- By This River
  • Chris Connelly & Monica Queen- Tae The Poets
  • Nick Cave- Idiot Prayer (NC Alone at Alexandra Palace)
  • Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell- Deshta (Forever)
  • Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke- Tempest
  • Jules Maxwell- Flowers Grow
  • David Sylvian- Orpheus
  • Azam Ali- Ode to Melancholy
  • Sieben- The Darkness You have Drawn
  • Christian Death- Spectre (Love is Dead)- Kill Shelter Remix
  • Antipole & Kill Shelter- A Kiss in the Rain
  • Black Needle Noise- Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Miles Gregory-Rose Royce)
  • Charlie Nieland- Divisions
  • Ummagma- Lotus
  • Cinthya Hussey- Ghost Town (Julian Shah-Tayler Remix)
  • Attrition- The Alibi (Vaseline Remix)
  • Attrition- Something In My Eye- 12″ Mix 
  • The Wake- Nazarene
  • The Wake, featuring Caroline Blind- Rusted  (Hz Healer Mix)
  • Black Needle Noise, featuring Attasalina- Machine
  • New Order- Ceremony (1st Mix)