Playlist, July 18, 2020

I featured a couple of songs from Ashton Nyte's latest album, "Waiting for a Voice"

“Waiting for a Voice,” the new album by Ashton Nyte was released on July 20, 2020.  Check it out on  This coming Saturday, my guest are The Maheekats . Their latest single, “Money Bunny,”  produced by John Fryer will premiere this Saturday, July 25, 2020 on Modsnap Radio. Check out the Modsnap Radio Merchandise !

Ashton Nyte

Playlist for Saturday, July 18, 2020

  • Tuxedomoon- In a Manner of Speaking
  • Martin Gore- Loverman (Nick Cave)
  • The Awakening- Other Ghosts
  • Ashton Nyte- Icicles 
  • Laurie Anderson- Language is a virus
  • Swans- Love Will Save You
  • Joy Division- Decades
  • Diamanda Galas- Gloomy Sunday (Rezso Seress)
  • Jarboe- Lavender Girl
  • Makeekats- When Lightning Strikes 
  • Einsturzende Neubauten- Blume (French version)
  • Patti Smith- Dancing Barefoot ( Patti Smith and Ivan Kral )
  • Beauty In Chaos, featuring Ashton Nyte- The Outside
  • Ashton Nyte- Waiting for a Voice
  • Blank and Jones, featuring Bernard Sumner– Miracle Cure (Radio Edit)
  • Heaven 17- Into the Blue
  • Tones on Tail- Lions
  • Black Needle Noise- Dead Star, featuring Betsy Martin
  • Gene Loves Jezebel- Every Door
  • Fad Gadget- Lady Shave
  • Chiasm- Locked in (Remixed by John Fryer) 
  • Kirlian Camera- The Fountain of Clouds
  • Sieben- Old Magic
  • Spiritual Front- Eternally Yours
  • Ashton Nyte- Heroes (David Bowie)