New Zealand Based Artist, Elenor Rayner of Robots In Love

Her focus has been on Robots In Love remix collaborations, including work with Caustic Grip, Stars and the Underground, two remixes of the same song for LazyboyProactive, and the brand-new remix of JA/VI’s dark pop song "Good Cocaine."

She was once named “up and coming artist of the month” by Rolling Stone magazine and she is best known to fans of dark electronica and industrial music worldwide for her previous output as Sobriquet Nation, and as a member of Snog, The Crystalline Effect and Soulscraper.

Playlist For Saturday, May 14, 2022

  • Robots In Love- Wish
  • Robots In Love- The Ravens
  • Interview with  Elenor Rayner of Robots In Love
  • Robots In Love x JA-VI- Good Cocaine (Robots in Love Remix)
  • Robots In Love- Feeling Time
  • Sobriquet Nation- Like Rain
  • Robots In Love- People Don’t Go Out To Clubs To Get Laid
  • Suburban Spell- Control
  • Beauty In Chaos, featuring Tish Ciravolo- After Life 
  • Vietnam- In Another Desert
  • Skeletal Family- Cry Baby
  • Suicide Queen- Angel
  • Mari Kattman- Is It Really That Bad?
  • The Legendary Pink Dots- Post Cards From Home
  • Noir- The Burning Bridge
  • Jeremy Bastard, Featuring Nile Kat- Heavens Down
  • Parabola West- New Moon (Extended)
  • Justine O’Gadhra Sharp, Featuring Michel Rowland- Stanley’s Only Hope
  • London Plane- Bright Black
  • Jah Wobble and the Ukrainians, Featuring Jon Klein- Ukrainian National Anthem in Dub
  • Weimar- The Girls of LA