New Zealand Artist Parabola West

Drawing inspiration from Celtic, Nordic folk and electronica, Parabola West is the artist persona of New Zealand-based American singer and songwriter Amy Tucker West.

Parabola West released her debut ‘Did You Hear?’ EP in 2014, followed by her ‘Purity of Weakness’ EP in 2017. More recently, she also released “Stars Will Light The Way,” a 13-track LP, all recorded at the healing frequency of 432Hz.


Playlist For Saturday, May 28, 2022

  • Parabola West- The Edge
  • Parabola West- Hannah
  • Interview with Parabola West Aka Amy Tucker West
  • Parabola West- New Moon
  • Parabola West- Fire (Sam Michaels Vs. Klub Jumpers Pop Mix Radio Edit)
  • Parabola West- Did You Hear?
  • Parabola West- While the Watchman Sleeps
  • Parabola West- No One Can Get Me Here
  • London Plane- Francesco
  • Telefis- Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics (Thomas Leer Version)
  • Telefis-Falun Gong Dancer Dub with Jah Wobble
  • Telefis-Mister Imperator (Maurice Charles Remix)
  • Rohn and Lederman- I’ve Got Glitter On My Hands
  • Luscious Apparatus-Bricks and Bones
  • Rodney Cromwell-Opus Three (Field Glass Remix)
  • Vietnam- In Another Desert
  • Caroline Blind- The Tribe (The Ben Christo Remix)
  • Ariel Maniki and The Black Halos- Siamese Twins (The Cure)
  • Kill Shelter -The Necklace featuring Agent Side Grinder