New Jersey-Based Collective Elk City

Elk City was founded by producer and drummer Ray Ketchem and vocalist and artist Renee LoBue. The other members of the band include guitarists Sean Eden (Luna) and Chris Robertson (Feed, Punch Havana) and bass guitarist Richard Baluyut (Versus).

Since their formation in 1999, Elk City has released 5 albums, 3 EPs and numerous singles. Pursuing a glimmering rock thread, Elk City makes potent atmospheric pop with psychedelic undertones and overtones. They released their latest LP in October of last year called “Above The Water” via Magic Door Record Label.

Playlist For Saturday, February 11, 2023

  • Elk City- Someone’s Party
  • Elk City- Your Time Doesn’t Exist
  • Interview with  Elk City (Ray Ketchem and Renee Lobue
  • Elk City- Floating Above The Water
  • Gramercy Arms, Featuring Renee Lobue- Yesterday’s Girl
  • Elk City- Don’t You Wanna Try?
  • Elk City- Suddenly Last Summer (The Motels)
  • Elk City- I know It’s Over (The Smiths)
  • Sara Lov- Well, I Wonder (The Smiths)
  • The Mystery Plan- What A Day (Disco)
  • Karamelien- Ascension Heights
  • Distance H- Bitch 16, Featuring  Ophelia From Saigon Blue Rain
  • Pennies By The Pound- Burning Wish
  • ON- Amends
  • NER\OGRIS- Shadowlight 
  • Creepy Little Things- Dance In The Rain
  • Vandal Moon- Sunlight (Antipole Remix)
  • Silver Walks- In Consequence (Rhys Fulber Mix)
  • A Primitive Evolution- Blood Moon
  • Audio Assault- General Principle (Leather Strip Remix)