Music Legend Chris Connelly Pays Tribute To The Music and Mystique Of Nico

Alternative music legend Chris Connelly released his latest album, "Eulogy to Christa: A Tribute To The Music and Mystique Of Nico"

According to Connelly, the album was inspired by the book“You Are Beautiful And You Are Alone” by Jennifer Otter Bickerdicke, who contributed to the album liner notes, noting “This is a record to be played at full blast, all the way through, as a commemoration not just to Nico the person, the musician, but to art for art’s sake, for making something because it is important and needs to be done- an idea that is as rare and precious as Nico herself.”

Playlist For Saturday, November 12, 2022

  • Finitribe- De Testimony
  • Chris Connelly and Monica Queen- My Father Took Me Everywhere
  • Interview with  Chris Connelly
  • Chris Connelly- Eulogy to Lenny Bruce (Nico)
  • Chris Connelly- Ripcord, Ripcord
  • Chris Connelly and Monica Queen- The Poet Herself
  • Chris Connelly and Jessica Gallo- Prayer (Birthday Tribute to Bill Rieflin)
  • Revolting Cocks- Da Ya Think I’m Sexy
  • PTP- Favorite Things
  • Chris Connelly and Bill Rieflin- No Man’s Land
  • Ministry- Over the Shoulder
  • Beauty In Chaos- Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) (Concrete Blonde)
  • Dispel- Rings of Violence
  • Sick Jokes- This Is The Beginning (EXS EST Remix)
  • Violent Eden -(Everyday Is ) Halloween (Ministry)
  • The Bedroom Witch- My Only 
  • Frenchy And The Punk- Gear Geist
  • Telefis, Featuring With a Certain Ratio- Stock Photo Guy 
  • The Ember Glows- Tomorrow’s The Day
  • Julian Shah-Tayler- Bet Your Life
  • Karamelien- Ascension Heights