Mickey Weems and Marwan Kamel From the City of Djinn Project

Marwan Kamel and Micah Bezold are the founding members of the City of Djinn. They ground their music in the intricacies of maqam, the classical system of melodic modes in Arab music and American rock.

The City of DJinn  project began as an invitation by Mickey Weems,  Project Coordinator to send Marwan Kamel and Micah Bezold to travel from Chicago to Hawaii to perform as the City of DJinn and bring Muslim musical artists to perform and discuss Islam, Sufism, mysticism and transgression to Hawaii. When Covid 19  struck, it didn’t stop the musical duo from completing the project and they started to work remotely and the collaboration extended to include several artists in Hawaii and worldwide.



Playlist For Saturday, May 21, 2022

  • City of Djinn- (Future) Metta -Lettuce (Move)
  • City of Djinn- (Future)
  • Interview with Mickey Weems and Marwan Kamel
  • City of Djinn- (Present) Dulab and Layali with Same Essa Altaie
  • City of Djinn-(Past) Electric Tears Brew In Every Orifice
  • City of Djinn, Featuring Russell Kealoha Dement-Trent- (Future) Birds 
  • City of Djinn, – (Future) Ilnomadic – “Activated” Remix 
  • Cheb i Sabbah and Peter Murphy, Featuring Azam Ali- Keep Coming Back (The Opium Sabbah Chebi Habibi Mix) Featuring Eva Cherokee El Beze
  • Peter Murphy- Subway (Epilogue)
  • Ariel, Featuring Ed Hanley- Sati Mati
  • Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell- Noyalain
  • Robin Guthrie- All For Nothing
  • Jah Wobble and the Ukrainian- The Ukrainian National Anthem in Dub
  • Parabola West- While the Watchman Sleeps
  • London Plane- Watch the Madman Go