Melbourne, Australia Artist, Peter Endall and His Solo Project, Suburban Spell

Split Levels, the latest album release on February 14, 2022, is a title referring to the popular Mid-Century design style for Split Level Suburban homes.

Melbourne’s Suburban Spell,  also known as Peter Endall is a veteran of Australia’s new wave, synthpop, post-punk scene since the 1980s. Formerly the keyboardist for the popular 80s Melbourne band, Schizo Scherzo, Suburban Spell was taken from a line in the 1986 Pet Shop Boys hit single, “Suburbia.”

Playlist For Saturday, May 7, 2022

  • Suburban Spell- Breathe The Dust
  • Suburban Spell- Edge of the Cloud
  • Interview with  Peter Endall of Suburban Spell
  • Suburban Spell- Fools and Clowns
  • Suburban Spell- Behind The Other Cloud
  • Schizo Scherzo- (Peter Endall)- Back to Back 
  • Suburban Spell- We All Pray
  • Suburban Spell-Control
  • New Phase Music- Starter (SINE Remix)
  • Robots In Love x  JA-Vi- Good Cocaine (Robots in Love Remix)
  • Sobriquet Nation- Pure Love
  • Vaselyne- Shame- Junksista Remix (PJ Harvey) 
  • Junksista- Oxytocin High
  • Jah Wobble and Ukrainians, featuring John Klein- Ukrainian National Anthem in Dub 
  • Distance H – Bitch 16
  • Christian Death- Blood Moon
  • Skeletal Family- Beautiful Disaster 
  • London Plane- Watch That Madman Go
  • Parabola West- Flowers
  • Spray- It’s An All Skate
  • Decommissioned  Forests- Ants Part 1 Functional Programming For Humans.