Matt Howden, Sieben, Violinist Virtuoso, Playlist, October 3, 2020

Matt Howden also known as Sieben is a one man, violinist who creates music through vocal looping , who beats, plucks, thumps and sings into his violin. Sieben has played live over 1,700 shows in over 35 countries , releasing 15 studio albums since 2000. His latest album is called 2020 Vision which was released in May 2020, an album he called “The Perfect Soundtrack for Containment ”

Playlist for Saturday, October 3, 2020

  • Sieben -Crimson Clover
  • Sieben- Crumbs
  • Sieben- Dead Bird
  • Sieben- Love’s Promise
  • Interview with Matt Howden -Sieben CLICK TO LISTEN
  • Sieben- Enzosonbenzos
  • Lockdown Sieben Facebook Group- Almost Home (Andy Whitehouse/ Matt Sieben)
  • Blonde Redhead/ Yann Tiersen- Closer
  • Blonde Redhead-Messenger, featuring David Sylvian
  • Japan- Nightporter
  • Tears for Fears-The Hurting (Peel Sessions)
  • Bryan Ferry- Valentine
  • Jonny Polonsky- You Turn Me On (Jim Sclavunos remix)
  • A Shoreline Dream- Love is a Ghost in America
  • Sol Invictus- An English Garden
  • Spiritual Front- Pain in Love
  • Black Needle Noise- What a Wonderful World with John Fryer Featuring Tom Berger (Louis Armstrong)
  • Niyaz- In the Shadow of Life
  • ReMission International TOS 2020 (Trentemoller Mix)