Martin Saint and Leanie Kaleido (Karamelien)

Martin Saint is the frontman for Montreal-based indie rock/ post punk quartet, The Ember Glows. Martin’s latest album is called “Radio Murmurs,” his fourth solo release since 2019.

Based in East Grinstead, Karamelien is made up of singer-songwriter, Leanie Kaleido and guitarist Mark Foster.¬† They released their debut single “Ascension Heights,” a song inspired by and featuring¬† Top Topham’s track of the same name.

Playlist For Saturday, March 11, 2023

  • Martin Saint- In The Universe
  • Martin Saint- Scenes From Cars
  • Interview with Martin Saint
  • Martin Saint, Featuring Ursa Minor- I’ll Be Your Stranger
  • Martin Saint- Last Lights
  • Martin Saint- The Double
  • Martin Saint- Wide Open
  • Martin Saint- The Law (Leonard Cohen)
  • Delerium, Featuring Emily Haines- Glimmer (Delerium Remix)
  • Delerium- The Astronomer
  • Karamelien- Wait For Me
  • Interview with Leanie Kaleido (Karamelien)
  • Karamelien- Ascension Heights
  • Karamelien- Lionhearts
  • Top Topham- Ascension Heights