John Santerineross, Neo Symbolist, Photographer, Playlist, October 10, 2020

John Santerineross has been called the "World Leading Neo-Symbolist Artist" by ProFiFoto, Germany's leading photography magazine.

John Santerineross is known for his dark, provocative and erotic imageries. His photography is inspired by Greek mythology, world religion and iconography focusing on the spiritual, the subconscious and dreams. His photography has been shown nationally and internationally.

John Santerineross

Playlist for Saturday, October 10, 2020

  • The Blue Hour – Mother of the Dark Sea
  • Sieben- Vision
  • Interview with photographer John Santerineross (Click to listen)
  • Attrition- I am (Eternity)- Chris & Cosey remix
  • Ariel- Sati Mati featuring Ed Hanley
  • Saintfield- Into the World
  • Renard- My Heart’s Still Shaking
  • Fred Abong- The Minit
  • The Silverbeets- We Mattered (Once Upon A Time)
  • The Wake- Hammer Hall
  • Soft Set- 7 On Up
  • Beauty in Chaos- A Kind Cruelty, featuring Curse Mackey
  • GW Child- Tarrant County (John Fryer remix)
  • Deathline International- Troops of Tomorrow
  • Attrition- Dream Catcher
  • Black Needle Noise- She Talks to Angels, Featuring Anjela Piccard
  • The Awakening – Dark Romantics
  • Tiamat- Vote for Love