John Santerineross, Neo Symbolist photographer, Playlist, October 10, 2020

John Santerineross is the author of Fruit of the Secret God (1999) and Dream (2004)

John Santerineross’ photography has been shown nationally and internationally and his work has appeared in some of Martin Bowes’ Attrition albums- the Hand that Feeds, Keepsakes and Reflections, The Jeopardy Maze, Dante’s Kitchen, Sliding Horse One and Desolution, etc.

John Santerineross

Playlist for Saturday, October 10, 2020

  • Belly- Low Red Moon (Slow Dust Version)
  • Chiasm- Are you okay (Shawn Brice Loveless Love mix)
  • Dif Juz- Love Insane , featuring Elizabeth Fraser
  • Ariel- Sati Mati, featuring Ed Hanley
  • The Blue Hour- After the Storm
  • Sieben- Reckoning Beckoning
  • Icehouse- Hey Little Girl (Infusion Mix)
  • The Cult- Revolution
  • David J- Clandestine Valentine
  • This Mortal Coil- Kangaroo
  • Black Needle Noise- Behind the 4th Door, featuring Elena Fossi
  • Azam Ali- Shallow Then Halo (Cocteau Twins)
  • Stray- Kindred Soul
  • Sisters of Mercy- Lucretia My Reflection
  • David Bowie and Pat Metheny- This is Not America
  • Marianne Faithfull and Nick Cave- Crazy Love 
  • The Maheekats- Money Bunny (John Fryer remix)
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Spell
  • Interview with John Santerineross (Click here)
  • Attrition- I am (Eternity) Chris & Cosey remix
  • Attrition- The Illuminator
  • Prince- Crucial
  • Prince – Anna Stesia