Interview with Ursa and Sarah from SU

Their Full Length Album is Called He(art) Is A Moment

Ursa¬† (Let Us Out) and Sarah’s (Hexapheen ) released three EPs (The Web, Little Sun and A Heart So Dry), a series of four conceptual singles (Existence, Metamorphosis, Discomfort and Transcendence) and one full length album ( he(art) is a moment).

Playlist For Saturday, May 27, 2023

  • SU- Hell’s Kitchen
  • SU-He(Art)- Interlude
  • Interview with Ursa and Sarah of SU
  • SU- The Good, The Bad and The Lonely
  • SU- The Void
  • SU- Eternal Youth
  • SU-Sacrificial Ground
  • SU- Inferno
  • SU- Gallows
  • Martin Saint, Featuring Ursa Minor- I’ll Be Your Stranger
  • After The Flesh- Gold Glory
  • Noir- Fallen
  • Noir- Love My Way -Acoustic ( Psychedelic Fur)
  • The Noise Who Runs- New York To L.A. In 2 and A Half Minutes
  • CARV.R- Deflect, Featuring Mari Kattmann ¬†(Alex Remix)
  • The Flowers Of Hell- Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed)
  • Beauty In Chaos, Featuring Julian Shah-Tayler- Kiss Me (Goodbye)
  • Antipole and Paris Alexander- Bleached
  • Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos- Super Nova
  • Withered Hand- How To Love