Industrial, Electronic “One Woman Army” I Ya Toyah

Her latest album is called "Out of Order" released in 2021.

Chicago-based industrial, electronic, ONE WOMAN ARMY, I Ya Toyah blends the chaos and balance with a familiar vibe of industrial electronica sound. The meaning behind the name I Ya Toyah sustains these values- when spoken out loud. In Polish it means “It’s Just Me.” Her logo art emerging from peace and anarchy symbols highlights the rebel psyche, her true nature.

Playlist for Saturday, November 27, 2021

  • I Ya Toyah- Puppet (Adoration Destroyed remix)
  • I Ya Toyah- Motion- (Tim Skold remix)
  • I Ya Toyah-Out Of Order
  • Interview with  I Ya Toyah
  • I Ya Toyah- Flashback (Rhys Fulber remix)
  • I Ya Toyah- Pray (Stabbing Westward remix)
  • I Ya Toyah- Funeral For Love
  • Vonamor- Take Your Heart
  • Robin Guthrie- Les Amourettes
  • TRAITRS- Sea Howl
  • Spray- It’s an All Skate
  • Thanatos- Seminole Wind (John Anderson)
  • Vaselyne- The Fire Within
  • Trance To The Moon, Featuring Monet Alarie – Antarctic Twilight III
  • Pink Turns Blue- I’m Gonna Hold You
  • Josie Pace- Fire
  • Deine Lakaien- Dust In The Wind (Kansas)
  • Voidant- Vortex