Hem Netjer, Inspired by Ancient Middle Egyptian Culture

Hem Netjer creates dark electronic folk music. Inspired by the Middle Egyptian word for god's servant (Priest) they combine ancient stories, traditional instruments with modern technology.

Raven Rissy  is the lead vocalist, songwriter and visual designer. David Deckard combines traditional sounds and electronic music and specializes in digital sound design. Jesse Ellytt experimented with creating electronic music until discovering throat singing.  Their upcoming album is called “The Song of Trees” 


Playlist For Saturday, January 14, 2023

  • Hem Netjer- Elemental Cry
  • Hem Netjer- Void
  • Interview with Hem Netjer
  • Hem Netjer- Salt and Tears
  • Hem Netjer- Anubis
  • Hem Netjer- Other World
  • Hem Netjer- Spirit Walker
  • Hem Netjer- Hem Netjer
  • Hem Netjer- Solar Tide
  • Faun- Hymn To Pan
  • Heimataerde- Dark Dance (Medieval Floor)
  • Lamia- Stella Splendens
  • Qntal- Dancing With The Daffodils 
  • Caprice- Garden of Love
  • Irfan- Hagia Sophia
  • Love Is Colder Than Death- Sinfonia Of The Moon
  • Stoa – Partus