Hawaii-Based Artist and Ceramist, Joey Chiarello

“Growing up, I have always had a great appreciation of the many forms and capabilities of the entire animal kingdom. I am captivated by the stillness of the instinctual nature of each diverse creature. When I give in, creatures seem to flow from my fingertips.” Joey Chiarello

Joey Chiarello is a self-taught artist. Chiarello makes hollow, hand-built ceramic figurative sculptures from clay slabs. All work is fired to cone 6-7 or 2194 – 2219 degrees Fahrenheit in an electric kiln. He uses stoneware, porcelain and paper clay. The accenting use of steel for claws or bone for horns, adds completion, durability and even an element of danger. 



Playlist For Saturday, January 1, 2022

  • Skeletal Family-Cry Baby
  • The Wake- Perfumes and Fripperies
  • Interview with Joey Chiarello
  • Kill Shelter and Antipole- Nine While Nine (Sisters Of Mercy)
  • Remission International – Tower Of Strength (Trentemoller Mix)
  • Black Tape for A  Blue Girl- Touch The Milky Way (2021)
  • Thanatos- Sunday Morning Coming Down (Kris Kristofferson )
  • Voidant- Vortex
  • Pink Turns Blue- So Why Not Save The World
  • Joy Division- Ceremony
  • New Order- Elegia
  • Beauty In Chaos, Featuring Wayne Hussey – The Long Goodbye (Au Revoir)
  • Peter Murphy- Subway (Epilogue)
  • Ariel- Sati Mati, Featuring Ed Hanley on Tabla
  • Azam Ali and Cem Eroglu- Give Me The Flute and Sing
  • Trance To The Moon, Featuring Monet Alarie- Icicles and Fumaroles
  • Vonamor- Take Your Heart