Harry Stafford, frontman of Manchester’s the Inca Babies

Harry Stafford is best known as the founder, guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist of the post punk gothic rockers from Manchester, England, Inca Babies

Stafford’s latest collaboration is with US -based Brazillian guitarist Marco Butcher and their LP is called “Bone Architecture”   from Black Lagoon Records.  The LP includes reworked older material, brand-new compositions and even a dirty blues version of the classic Pink Floyd “Arnold Layne”.



Playlist For Saturday, February 5, 2022

  • Inca Babies- Mine of Bones
  • Harry Stafford-Painted Ocean
  • Interview with Harry Stafford (Inca Babies)
  • Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher- Bone Architecture
  • Inca Babies- Walk In The Park
  • Harry Stafford- Black Rain (Phil Shoenfelt)
  • Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher-Arnold Layne (Syd Barrett)
  • Inca Babies- Swamp Street Soul
  • Vonamor- You The People
  • Justine O’ Gadhra- Sharp, Featuring Michel Rowland- Stanley’s Only Hope
  • Ashley Bad- The Gun (MGT Pistol Mix)
  • Kill Shelter and Antipole- All For Nothing
  • Venus Fly Trap- Control Addicts
  • SINE, Featuring Chris Connelly- Desolate  District (NITE Remix)
  • Licorice Chamber- It’s An Illusion
  • Stabbing Westward-Ghost
  • Beauty in Chaos, Featuring Elena Alice Fossi- The Kiss Of The World 
  • Ah Cama Sotz- Burning Souls
  • Ah Cama-Sotz- Your Darkest Soul