Goth, Shoe gaze band, A Shoreline Dream

Shoreline Dream (Ryan Policky and Erik Jeffries) Sixth full-length album released called "Loveblind"via Latenight Weekend Records

Recorded from November 2021 – July 2022 in the Barnum suburb of Denver, Colorado, the single previously released “Alarms Stop Ringing” is accompanied by a video filmed at the Best Little Boarding House and Black Monarch Hotel in Victor, Colorado. The Black Monarch is a goth hotel dream-come-true, frequented by Nikola Tesla back in his day, and The Best Little Boarding House is a converted brothel that is probably the most haunted place in the city (Just try staying asleep through the night!),” says Ryan Policky.

Playlist For Saturday, September 24, 2022

  • A Shoreline Dream- Nothing More Than This
  • A Shoreline Dream- Black Dye
  • Interview with  Ryan Policky of A Shoreline Dream
  • A Shoreline Dream- Harlow Syndrome
  • A Shoreline Dream-The Spring Comes Clean
  • A Shoreline Dream- Love Blind
  • A Shoreline Dream- Alarms Stop Ringing 
  • A Shoreline Dream- Hazewash
  • A Shoreline Dream- Mariupol
  • Chris Connelly- Eulogy to Lenny Bruce
  • Ronan Conroy Featuring Julie Dicterow- Double Helix
  • Junksista- Not in Love (10cc)
  • Dmitry Wild- Sweetest Thing
  • Dispel- Glasya’s Heresy (Acoustic Version)
  • ON- Blackmail
  • Black Nite Crash- The Take
  • Mona Mur- Venus and Mars
  • PIG- Tarantula (Jim Davies Remix)
  • Vlad In Tears- Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)
  • The Ember Glows- Silent Love
  • Al1ce – Drown 
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- We Came Along This Road