German Duo Junksista Releases New Album, OA

"...The release of this album is a genuine Phoenix moment - it's all about reinvention and coming back stronger after being consumed by the flames. Nothing feels as good as being authentic, being able to release your creative force unfiltered, and that is exactly what we did with 0A. " Diana Noir

Junksista (Diana Noir and Boog) released their latest 4th studio album called OA on COP International which features musical collaborations with COP label mate Yvette Winkler (Vaselyne), Lis van den Akker (Die Krupps, Grendel, Psy’Aviah), Noemi Aurora  (Helalyn Flowers) , Maria Mar (Omnimar) and Emke (Black Nail Cabaret).


Playlist For Saturday, October 8, 2022

  • Junksista- Oxytocin High
  • Junksista- Death By Heartache
  • Interview with  Junksista
  • Junksista- Phoenix
  • Junksista, Featuring Maria Mar- Fragile
  • Junksista- Push It (Salt -N- Pepa)
  • Junksista, Featuring Noemi Aurora- Anthem of Persistence
  • Junksista, Featuring Yvette Winkler- Moan An Ode
  • Junksista- Fuck Your Pretty Face
  • Frenchy And The Punk- Come In And Play
  • Julian Shah-Tayler- Melt
  • Chris Connelly- Eulogy To Lenny Bruce
  • Ronan Conroy- Love Myth
  • Mona Mur- Venus and Mars 
  • Telefis, Featuring Jah Wobble- Circling Over Shannon
  • A Pull Of Autumn, Featuring Mark Stewart- Outlaw Empire 
  • The Persian Leaps- Lipreader Dyslexia
  • Johnny Tupolev- Bomb Your Head (John Fryer Mix)
  • PIG- The Dark Room
  • Male Tears- Deal3r
  • Rohn Lederman- Why Us?
  • CARV.R- Hvrt (featuring Casey Desmond)