G.W. Childs IV, Soil and Eclipse, Playlist, August 15, 2020

Producer, singer, songwriter

G.W. Childs IV from Soil and Eclipse has a new single called Tarrant County, coined RDM (Rodeo Dance Music) produced by John Fryer (4AD, Black Needle Noise) will be released on COP International. 

G.W. Childs IV

Playlist for Saturday, August15, 2020

  • The Razor Skyline & Soil and Eclipse- Sea of Change
  • Soil and Eclipse- Sentence Me 
  • Soil and Eclipse- Silence
  • Interview with G. W. Childs IV (Soil And Eclipse)
  • G.W. Childs, IV- Tarrant County (John Fryer Mix)
  • Chiasm- Are You Ok? (John Fryer mix)
  • Clan of Xymox- Lovers
  • Clan of Xymox- Consolation (John Rivers Remix)
  • Remission International -TOS 2020
  • Wayne Hussey- Marian
  • Evi Vine- I am the Waves
  • Beauty in Chaos- Stranger, featuring Kat Leon
  • Ego Likeness- Wolves
  • Ashton Nyte- This Isolation
  • Azam Ali- O Euchari- Remixed by Azam Ali  (Hildegard of Bingen)
  • Azam Ali- Towards Silence
  • Rajna- Glorian 
  • Lesson Seven- Crown (Clan of Xymox Remix)