Frenchy And The Punk Releases LP “Zen Ghost”

Frenchy and the Punk is made up of singer, percussionist, and lyricist Samantha Stephenson and guitarist and composer Scott Helland.

Dark times make for dark songs. “Zen Ghost” was written and recorded from 2020 to 2021 where the duo’s shadowy sound takes an even darker turn. An inward spin into the pair’s previously unexplored personal planes and interpretations of the insanity of our increasingly tumultuous age. But despite its more pronounced moodiness, like the restof the band’s oeuvre, “Zen Ghost”offers plenty of opportunities to dance in the darkness.

Playlist For Saturday, October 29, 2022

  • Frenchy And The Punk- Come In And Play
  • Frenchy And The Punk- Mon Souvenir
  • Interview with  Frenchy And The Punk
  • Frenchy And The Punk- Temple of Sleep
  • Frenchy And The Punk- Blood
  • Frenchy And The Punk-I’ll See You Again
  • Frenchy And The Punk- Oxygen
  • Frenchy And The Punk-Paradise Found
  • Ronan Conroy- Dark Paradise (Lana Del Rey)
  • Beauty In Chaos- Bloodletting  (The Vampire Song) Featuring Michael Ciravolo, Whitney Tai, Kat Leon and Tish Ciravolo (Concrete Blonde)
  • Vlad In Tears- Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)
  • Chris Connelly- Ripcord, Ripcord (Tribute To Nico)
  • The Ember Glows- The Mirror
  • Dispel- Glasya’s Heresy (Acoustic)
  • The Speed Of Sound- Charlotte 
  • Black Carburning -Divide Us (John Fryer Mix)
  • Pull Of Autumn- Outlaw Empire
  • Julian Shah-Tayler- Earthquakes
  • Candy Coffins- Everyday A Fresh Atrocity
  • Junksista- Moan An Ode
  • PIG- Veni Vidi Vici