Faith Marie Releases Latest EP “More Than I Am”

She will be releasing her EP called "More Than I am " Her latest single is called Alleyways.

Alternative pop artist Faith Marie originally from Provo-Utah but now based in  LA began developing her skills at the age of 13, launching a successful YouTube channel that would attract over 100,000 subscribers over the next five years, in addition to millions of listeners via Spotify. Her first singles included the moody piano ballad “Antidote,” the orchestrally adorned “Little Girl” and the electronic-laced “Devil On My Shoulder,” each dealing with themes of struggle, anxiety and hope.

Playlist For Saturday, February 4, 2023

  • Faith Marie- NVM (Remix)
  • Faith Marie- Drown (Bring Me The Horizon)
  • Interview with Faith Marie
  • Faith Marie- Alleyways
  • Faith Marie- Devil On My Shoulder 
  • Faith Marie- Antidote 
  • Faith Marie- Rock Bottom
  • Faith Marie- Nobody
  • Faith Marie- Little Girl
  • Black Market Karma- Aping Fair (With Ruari Meehan)
  • Suburban Spell- Feel No More (Robots In Love Remix)
  • Suburban Spell- The Lonely Man (William Faith Remix)
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Requiem For The Sun
  • Distance H- Leaden Sky (Featuring Ophelia from Saigon Blue)
  • Aurelio Voltaire- Someone Like You
  • jean Marc Lederman- Be My Girl
  • Null Device- Unsafe and Sound
  • Elk City- Don’t You Wanna Try?
  • Black Needle Noise- Rise Up (Featuring Lisa Kekaula)
  • Plasmata with Ben Christo and Aly Jados- You Call Him The Devil (Ten Bells-Christo Version)
  • Sequential Zero- It’s Not About You 
  • Hem Netjer- Elemental Cry 
  • Rob Munk- Outbound Track