Evolutionary Astrologer Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer

Anastasia explores the purpose of Birth Chart readings & the benefits & various types of readings.

Professional Astrologer, Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer who has been in the field for over 25 years incorporates various methods of astrology into her practice such as Evolutionary Astrology, Medieval Astrology, Esoteric Astrology, Traditional Astrology and Modern Astrology, etc.

Playlist for Saturday, July 10, 2021

  • Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell- Orion (The Weary Huntsman)
  • Jean-Marc Lederman Experience, featuring Louise Fraser- Maybe
  • Delerium- Believe
  • Interview with Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer
  • Attrition- The Alibi (Vaseline Remix)
  • Chris Connelly and Monica Queen- The Poet Herself
  • Michelle Gurevich- Le Temps Qui Meurt
  • Alison Moyet- The English U
  • Kirlian Camera- Phoenix Aliena
  • Beauty in Chaos, featuring Cinthya Hussey-The Delicate Balance Of All Things (Rapid Reiteration)