Eric Oehler and Jill Sheridan of Null Device

Null Device is always pushing the borders of synthpop, but what is constant is their soaring, catching melodies, lush vocals and meticulously-crafted production.

The band consist of founder Eric Oehler (singer, songwriter, violinist) and Co-founder Eric Goedken (Lyricist and producer), Jill Sheridan (Singer, songwriter and long time contributor) and Kendra Kreutz (Cellist and system engineer ).

Null Device released their eight album, “The Emerald Age”by Distortion Productions. The album is available on CD and on all streaming and digital platforms. “The Emerald Age” explodes with synthpop hooks that collide with aggressive Berlin-influenced beats, propulsive body music bass, symphonic orchestration, and moody atmospherics. 

Playlist For January 7, 2023

  • Null Device- Interrobang
  • Null Device- Snake Eyes
  • Interview with  Eric Oehler and Jill Sheridan of Null Device 
  • Null Device- Unsafe and Sound
  • Null Device- For Sure
  • Null Device- Red Right Hand (Nick Cave)
  • Null Device- What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)
  • Null Device- Only You (Yaz)
  • The Membranes- Nocturnal (Album Version)
  • Vandal Moon- Sunlight (Antipole Remix)
  • Divine Shade- Stars
  • A Projection- Careless
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Nature of Artiface
  • Beborn Beton- Dancer In The Dark (Radio Single) 
  • Rotersand- Higher Ground
  • Hem Netjer- Elemental Cry
  • Dmitry Wild – Sweetest Thing
  • Elk City- Your Time Doesn’t Exist
  • The Pull Of Autumn- Images of Light 
  • Jessie Kilguss- Withering Heights (Kate Bush)