Elysium, latest album by Julian Shah-Tayler and Interview with Strangelove, The Depeche Mode Experience

Leo Luganskiy (Ultra-Dave), Brent Meyer (Counterfeit Martin), Julian Shah-Tayler (Oscar Wilder), James Evans (In The Fletch) and Chris Olivas (Chris-tian O-gner)

Julian Shah-Tayler and David Chatfield was just nominated at the Grammys for his song in Elysium called The End of the Line (David Chatfield Remix)” for Best Arrangement Instruments and Vocals.  Original version was produced by the legendary producer Robert Margouleff, (Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions, Talking Book albums and Devo’s Freedom of Choice/Whip it). Congratulations to Julian !  As one of the members of the successful Los Angeles based tribute band, Strangelove, The Depeche Mode Experience, The band continues to deliver thoroughly enjoyable and staggering authentic DM concerts to concertgoers and connects with international audiences, wherever the group performs. The band is currently on tour throughout the U.S., Mexico and Australia. 

Playlist For Saturday, October 1, 2022

  • Julian Shah-Tayler- Darkling Universe
  • Julian Shah-Tayler and Arden And The Wolves- At The End Of Time
  • Interview with  Julian Shah-Tayler
  • Julian Shah-Tayler- End of the Line
  • Cinthya Hussey-Ghost Town (Julian Shah-Tayler Remix)
  • Beauty In Chaos- Delicate Balance Of All Things ( JST- Off Balance Mix)
  • Beauty In Chaos, Featuring Cinthya Hussey- Open Wound Heart (JST Mix)
  • Beauty In Chaos, Featuring Elena Alice Fossi- The Kiss Of The World ( Musa Nera Mix and JST)
  • Julian Shah-Tayler- In Your Room ( Depeche Mode)
  • Beauty In Chaos, Featuring Tish Ciravolo- Afterlife ( JST Mix)
  • Interview with Strangelove – Depeche Tribute Band
  • Strangelove- Sister Of Night (DM)
  • Beauty In Chaos, Featuring Pinky Turzo- Not Your Fault (JST Mix)
  • Junksista- Death By Heartache (On The Dancefloor Mix)
  • Junksista- Rock Bottom