Detroit Industrial artist Josie Pace and Producer Ken Roberts

Detroit's electronic rock artist Josie Pace and producer, Ken Roberts released their new music and video "Pure Morning" featuring Sammi Doll (Kat Von D/ IAMX)

They are coming out with a new album early next year 2022 called “IV0X10V5” (pronounced Noxious) on Negative Gain Records.  They Just released another single called “Underestimated.”


Playlist for Saturday, November 20, 2021

  • Josie Pace- Crispy Lovely
  • Josie Pace- Red Lips Like Tenth
  • Josie Pace, Featuring Sammi Doll- Pure Morning (Placebo)
  • Interview with  Josie Pace and Ken Roberts
  • Josie Pace- Underestimated
  • Josie Pace, featuring Sammi Doll- Perfect Replacement (Raymond Watts from Pig Remix )
  • Pig- The Power of Love (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) 
  •  Trance to the Moon, Featuring Monet Alarie- Fire Within Glass
  • I Ya Toyah- Out of Order
  • Vaselyne- Waiting to Exhale
  • TRAITRS- All Living Hearts Betrayed
  • Robin Guthrie- Euphemia
  • Whitney Tai- The Cure
  • Ashley Bad- Deadly
  • Stabbing Westward- I am Nothing 
  • Eric Oberto-Darkness Never Lies 
  • Inca Babies- Oh, The Angels How I Bless Them
  • Lusitanian Ghosts- Older and Colder