David Mosey, NYC Based Alternative Rock Collective, London Plane

The band released their new album called "Bright Black" on Declared Goods

“Francesco “is a haunting goth-dance anthem that channels through a Latin prism. Equally inspired by a cloth-covered 1970s diary by an immigrant, found among personal belongings discarded on a New York curb.



Playlist For Saturday, June 4, 2022

  • London Plane- Francesco ( Italiano)
  • London Plane- New York Howl
  • Interview with ┬áDavid Mosey
  • London Plane- Watch That Madman Go
  • London Plane- Francesco
  • London Plane- Bright Black
  • London Plane- Roxanne
  • London Plane- Come Out Of The Dark
  • Vaselyne- Here To Begin
  • Rohn-Lederman- You Go To My Head
  • Jah Wobble and the Ukrainians- Ukrainians National Anthem in Dub featuring  Jon Klein
  • Parabola West- Bippity Boppity
  • Spectra Paris- Devious
  • Vietnam- What Have I done?
  • Decommissioned Forests- Spectral Kleptomania
  • Long After Midnight- I Want To Believe
  • Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos- Strangers
  • Girls Under Glass- In The Darkness
  • Bellhead- Nothing As It Seems- (I:Scintilla Remix)
  • Kill Shelter- Necklace, Featuring Agent Side Grinder
  • The Amaranth-Thighs