Daniel Darrow from The Pull of Autumn

The band released their 4th LP called Beautiful Broken World via RBM Records.

“Beautiful Broken World” features 15 tracks that includes the Pop Group legend Mark Stewart and bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Color, Tackhead, The Rolling Stones, Sugarhill Gang) and remixed by the legendary producer Adrian Sherwood.​


Playlist For Saturday, January 21, 2023

  • The Pull of Autumn- She Writes The Word
  • The Pull of Autumn- Never Swayed
  • Interview with Daniel Darrow from The Pull of Autumn
  • The Pull of Autumn- Outlaw Empire
  • The Pull of Autumn- Live Today
  • The Pull of Autumn- Moon Beams
  • The Pull of Autumn- Moukie
  • The Pull of Autumn- Funhouse
  • The Pull of Autumn- In Silence
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Requiem For The Sun
  • Hem Netjer- Elemental Cry
  • Null Device- Red Right Hand (Nick Cave)
  • Cathedral In Flames- The Weeping Song (Nick Cave )
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Vortex
  • Ronan Conroy- Dark Paradise (Lana DelRey)
  • Aurelio Voltaire- A Song For the Goblin King
  • Jessie Kilguss- Wuthering Heights ( Kate Bush)
  • Rohn – Lederman- Linger ( The Cranberries)
  • Elk City- Don’t You Wanna Try
  • A Projection- Darwin’s Eden
  •  Beborn Beton- Dancer In The Dark
  • Attrition – Alibi