Cinthya Hussey, Playlist, December 12, 2020

Brazilian singer, actress and visual artist, Cinthya Hussey

Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress and visual artist, Cinthya Hussey was inspired to play the ukulele by Hawaii’s Na Hoku Hanohano awards artist, musician, Paula Fuga when she watched her inspirational speech on TEDxMaui conference “Believe in Yourself,” in 2012.  Paula Fuga’s ‘Misery’s End’ was the first song Cinthya learned to play on the Ukulele. Not long after that, her husband, Mission’s frontman and guitarist, Wayne Hussey bought her a ukulele for a wedding anniversary present. Cinthya’s new single was released on December 11, 2020 called “My Heart is a Ghosttown.” Produced by Wayne Hussey. Listen to the interview here

Playlist for Saturday, December 12, 2020

  • Beauty in Chaos, featuring Cinthya Hussey- The Delicate Balance of All Things (Rapid Reiteration Mix)
  • Cinthya Hussey- Everyday is Like Sunday (Morrissey)
  • Interview with Cinthya Hussey (Click here to listen)
  • Cinthya Hussey- My Heart is a Ghost town
  • Beauty in Chaos, featuring Wayne Hussey- The Long Goodbye (Au Revoir)
  • Beauty in Chaos, featuring Wayne Hussey & Simon Gallup- Man of Faith  (Preacher Man Mix)
  • The Mission UK- Stay with Me (Acoustic)
  • Beauty in Chaos- Stranger, featuring Kat Leon (Cruel World Mix)
  • Azam Ali with Sinan Cem Eroglu- Garden Of Love
  • Cellista- Tzeva Adom
  • Black Needle Noise, featuring  Helena Mamich -Nocturnal 
  • Vision Video- In My Side
  • Julian Shah-Tayler- Eyes of Orion (Julian Shah-Tayler Vs. Weird Wolves)
  • Evi Vine- Afterlife
  • Magic Wands- Blue Cherry
  • The Blue Hour- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (The Specimen)
  • Chiasm- Are you Okay (Glass Apple Bonzai Remix)
  • <PIG> – Confession (The Sacrificial Mix)
  • Nero Bellum- A Disheartening Expression
  • Executive Order- All Bleed Red
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- The Carny