Chris Connelly, Industrial Music Legend

His latest collaboration album called The Birthday Poems is with Monica Queen

His extensive musical career  spans four decades from his first band, Fini Tribe to the Revolting Cocks, Ministry, Pigface, The Damage Manual, PTP just to name a few. His latest collaboration with Monica Queen and their latest album, The Birthday Poems, released on Jnana Records is a fictionalized account of the romance between Scottish personalities and poet George Mackay Brown and his muse, Stella Cartwright and their friend, Stanley Roger Green.

Playlist for Saturday, July 24, 2021

  • Chris Connelly- O Blessed Saint Magnus
  • Chris Connelly and Monica Queen- The Poet Herself
  • Chris Connelly- A Desolate Spell
  • Interview with  Chris Connelly 
  • Chris Connelly and Monica Queen- From a Dreamer’s Shore
  • Ministry- Hizbollah
  • Paul Barker, featuring Chris Connelly- Heavy Water
  • Bill Rieflin and Chris Connelly- The Call Girls
  • Clan of Xymox- Limbo
  • Pink Turns Blue- You Still Mean Too Much To Me
  • Attrition- The Alibi
  • The Wake- Everything (Featuring Wolfie)
  • Mark Gemini Thwaite and Ville Vato- Knowing Me Knowing You (Mixed by Tim Palmer ) ABBA 
  • PTP- My Favorite Things
  • Revolting Cocks- Razor’s Edge
  • Black Needle Noise, featuring PIG- Seed of Evil
  • Jean-Marc Lederman- Bb 84 bpm
  • Fini Tribe- Make It Internal (Here We Go Round the Mulberry Mix)