Cathal Coughlan, Telefis, Microdisney, Fatima Mansions

Cathal Coughlan is Irish music legend, Co- founder of acclaimed 80s / 90s groups Microdisney and Fatima Mansions and his newest collaboration with Garret Jacknife Lee called Telefis,

Telefis released a single in 2021 called “Falun Gong Dancer.”  More recently, the legendary post-punk bassist  JAH WOBBLE. (Public Image Limited and Invaders of the Heart) teamed up with Telefis on “Falun Gong Dancer.”

Their anticipated debut album called “a hAon “ (Number One) scheduled to be released on February 11, 2022 will feature 13 highly unique tracks.


Playlist For Saturday, January 15, 2022

  • Cathal Coughlan- Song of Co-Aklan
  • Microdisney- Birthday Girl
  • Interview with Cathal Coughlan
  • Cathal Coughlan- Unrealtime
  • The Fatima Mansions-Only Losers Take The Bus
  • Cathal Coughlan- Owl In The Parlour
  • Telefis, Featuring JAH WOBBLE- Falun Gong Dancer
  • Jay Wobble (Public Image Limited) – Albatross (Metal Box- Rebuilt in Dub
  • Invaders of the Heart- Visions of You, Featuring Sinéad O’Connor)
  • Jah Wobble- Il Jevedro Il Oblacno
  • Black Tape For A Blue Girl- The Trickster
  • AMMO- A Cold War City
  • Vaselyne- Winter- Acoustic Mix  (Tori Amos)
  • Black Needle Noise, Featuring Anjela Piccard- She Talks to Angels (The Black Crowes)
  • Exorcist- L’assassin 
  • Christian Death- Quicksand (David Bowie)
  • SINE- Virtual Realitease 
  • Inca Babies- I’m Grounded