Camera Obscura

By definition, Camera Obscura is an optical device used, for example, in drawing or for entertainment. It is one of the inventions leading to photography. The principle can be demonstrated with a box with a hole in one side (the box may be room-sized, or hanger sized). Light from a scene passes through the hole and strikes a surface where it is reproduced, in color, and upside-down. The image’s perspective is accurate. The image can be projected onto paper, which when traced can produce a highly accurate representation.

Latin for Dark Chamber, Camera Obscura, LLC is also a project created by DJ Nocturna on entertainment, musical and performing arts. Camera Obscura began with DJ Nocturna & DJ Du Nord in 2005 as a music, dance, club night event for the dark alternative lifestyle, which was previously held at the Pink Cadillac in Waikiki. When the Pink Cadillac closed its doors, Camera Obscura moved to the downtown Chinatown district.

Camera Obscura takes place in downtown at the Venue (1146 Bethel Street). Please click on Events here to see the next event. Camera Obscura is mostly a monthly theme event that generally attracts goths, old school goths, death rockers, cybergoths, rockabillies, punks, metal heads, actors, directors, belly-dancers, djs, artists, musicians, individual souls of all types and fans of djs who frequently spin at Camera Obscura. Camera Obscura is also supported by fans and listeners of DJ Nocturna and Lana Saldania and KTUH’s A Feast of Friends (Saturday nights, 6pm to 9pm KTUH 90.3).

Rotating djs play a mix of music from deathrock, goth, old school alternative, post punk, dark electro, dark cabaret, synthpop, ethereal, dark 80s, new wave, darkwave, shoegaze, EBM, industrial, etc. Camera Obscura supports businesses, retail shops, music stores, record labels, bands, independent artists and individuals who cater and promote the dark decadent culture, music and art. We also support non-profit groups who help the community and the less fortunate. We believe by working together and supporting each other is the key to good karma, positive energy, happiness and success.

We strive to be different but in a positive light and good energy and we look forward to keeping the dark alternative scene alive and strong in Hawaii. We humbly appreciate the support, the love, the open mindedness and originality of patrons and friends. If you are into bats, vampires, spiders, monsters, dragons, witches, love and death, fetishes, tattoos, body modifications, alternative music, literature, art, films, theatre, then come and check us out. Even if you are not any of the above, you are always welcome to come and dance, make new friends, have some drinks and check out the event.

In addition, Camera Obscura sometimes showcases every month creative visuals, along with featured artists, dancers, singers, performers, fashion shows, cd release parties, prizes and giveaways, etc. Always a monthly theme party, a new theme is already brewing for the upcoming months and beyond. Thank you to the original patrons of Camera Obscura who has been there from its inception in 2005 and continue to support the event. We look forward to building new friendships, preserving memories and paving the road together. Thank you for your continued support !