Brian Hodges and Marselle Hodges, The Blue Hour, Dream Pop-Noir

The Blue Hour is preparing to release its latest album called "Lore," later this Spring on Dark Vinyl in Germany, Cold & Bare, is joined by Barry Galvin (Mephisto Walz/Christian Death) on guitar and Michael Louis (Shadow Assembly) on bass, guitar and drums.

Brian Hodges and Marselle Hodges of the Blue Hour  is a Settle-based duo that blends ethereal and electronic music resulting in a beautiful haunting dream pop-noir.

Playlist for Saturday, March 20, 2021

  • The Blue Hour-Embrace Not the Hand (John Fryer Remix)
  • Black Needle Noise, featuring Marselle Hodges- I am God
  • The Blue Hour- Kyoto Song (The Cure)
  • The Blue Hour- Invincible
  • Interview with Brian & Marselle Hodges of the Blue Hour (Click here to listen)
  • The Blue Hour- Cold and Bare (Barry Galvin of Mephisto Walz/Christian Death and Michael Louis of Shadow Assembly)
  • The Blue Hour- One More Mystery (Pieter Nooten Remix)
  • Saintfield-Into the World
  • Saintfield- Dil Ki Avaaz
  • Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell-Noyalain (Burn)
  • Azam Ali- O Vis Aeternitatis (Hildegard Von Bingen)
  • Delerium-Fallen (featuring  Rani)
  • Antipole & Kill Shelter- Burn Bright
  • Ah Cama-Sotz-Rites Ov Dub (Qal at Sim’an)
  • Twin Tribes- Fantasmas ( Ash Code Remix)
  • Chiasm- Gone (John Fryer/ Emileigh Rohn)
  • Anders Manga- The Mercy Seat (Nick Cave)
  • Nick Cave – Stranger Than Kindness – Live at Alexandra Palace (From Idiot Prayer)
  • Pig – Prey & Obey (En Esch Remix)