Ashley Bad releases Deadly and The Gun on Cleopatra Records

Her latest singles "Deadly" and “The Gun” released via Cleopatra Records, features guitar production by Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT) and Travis Bacon (SVART, Contracult Collective)

Ashley Bad is a Los Angeles based solo artist who combines film noir lyrical influences with Gothic and Electronic soundscapes. She draws from her experience performing with cult glam-punk band The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, performing and touring with Belgian Electronic Music Group Lords of Acid and her years of performing as an international Latex Burlesque Performer. 

Playlist For Saturday, February 26, 2022

  • Caroline Blind- Tribe (Extended), MGT She Devil Mix
  • Ashley Bad- Deadly
  • Interview with Ashley Bad
  • Ashley Bad – The Gun (Pistol Mix by MGT)
  • Beauty in Chaos, Featuring Elena Alice Fossi- Kiss of the World (MGT Mix with Ashley Bad)
  • Telefis- BallyTransnational
  • Vonamor- Empire
  • Ava Vox-  Crash
  • Robin Guthrie- Kino’s Chance
  • The Blue Hour- What I say (MaGenTa Remix – the Joy Thieves)
  • The Blue Hour- Cornflake Girl (Tori Amos)
  • NewPhaseMusic, Featuring Queen Mabsy- Pancake (Tori Amos)
  • Vaselyne- Winter (Tori Amos)
  • Justine O’Gadhra- Sharp, featuring Michel Rowland- Stanley’s Only Hope
  • Jenn Vix, Featuring Ali Score – You Are A Star
  • The Chameleons UK- Return Of The Roughnecks
  • David J- Clandestine Valentine
  • Telefis with Jah Wobble- Falun Gong Dancer
  • Beauty In Chaos, featuring Cinthya Hussey- Open Wound Heart (Julian Shah-Tayler Mix)