Antipole and Paris Alexander Releases Crystalline

Latest collaboration between Karl Morten Dahl and Paris Alexander on Young And Cold Records

Produced, mixed and mastered by Paris Alexander at Blue Door Studio. Music written and recorded by Karl Morten Dahl and Paris Alexander. Lyrics by Paris Alexander. Except lyrics and additional vocals on Marble by Eirene . Artwork by Anne-Christel Gullikstad.

Crystalline is available here :

Playlist For Saturday, May 13, 2023

  • Antipole and Paris Alexander- Perceptions
  • Antipole and Paris Alexander- Bleached
  • Interview with Antipole and Paris Alexander
  • Antipole and Paris Alexander- Marble
  • Antipole and Paris Alexander- Infractions
  • Antipole and Paris Alexander- Disjointed
  • Antipole and Paris Alexander- Sentiments
  • Antipole, featuring Paris Alexander and Eileen- Decade Apart
  • Antipole and Kill Shelter- Nine While Nine (Sisters of Mercy)
  • Antipole and Kill Shelter- Nightshade
  • SU- Eternal Youth
  • Ariel Maniki and The Black Halos- Supernova
  • Para Lia- Sunchild
  • Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell- Noyalain 
  • Delerium, Featuring Kanga- In The Deep
  • Withered Hand- Serenity Prayer
  • Beauty In Chaos, Featuring Julian Shah Tayler- Kiss Me (GoodBye)
  • Roman Angelos- The Looking Glass (Agile Peer Mix)
  • Suburban Spell- Bright Gold Cross